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Tsimka Martin, rooted In Nuučaan̓uł territories, morphs millennia-old oral and drumming traditions into contemporary sonic vibrations. Inspired by the dualities of the ancient and the modern, Indigenous and settler identities, ƛaʔuukʷiʔatḥ and English languages, Tsimka playfully reinterprets spiritual wisdom, natural elements, and cultural stories to remind listeners of the rhythms alive in us all - breath, heart, and joy.

Tsimka & Michael Red is a collaboration of music from the land and from the heart (and knowing and listening).

Michael creates and reveals music & atmospheres with the natural sounds recorded by Tsimka from her ƛaʔuukʷiʔatḥ home territory, and Sḵwx̱wú7mesh territory (where she lived recently for 2 years). Breaking ice as light percussive rhythym, bull kelp head explosions becoming kick drum patterns, a Squamish valley wolf, a large cat in the dark.. Cixwatsac (Frank Island frogs), Swainson's Thrush, other birds. a little creek at Hiłwinʔis, ocean, rain and mist

Tsimka sings and speaks and sometimes plays a drum. Most lyrics are in Tsimka's heritage language Tia-o-qui-aht ƛaʔuukʷiʔatḥ. Her themes deal with love, cleansing, healing, liberation through imagining and more.

‘Tsimka's voice is also used as an instrument through live fx and is embedded in Michael's pre-made production (which is dubbed out and layered and effected live). Words and tones and expressions are shaped and woven into all layers of the sonic fabric, rom deeply embedded to very visible.

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