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Campers Handbook

A message from the organizers

Our dearest friends, family, and future friends! 


While we have created a completely supported environment for you to come dance and play to your heart's content, this festival still takes place on the wild west coast and there are things that are recommended when attending Pachena Bay Music Festival.  We took a lot of time putting this info together and would very much appreciate you taking the time to read it.  Please reach out with any questions or additions you may have.  Like all things in life this is a work in progress.


Please consider this event being 60% remote camping trip and 40% music festival. You need to come prepared. This is your responsibility. Weather can change rapidly. It could be sunny and glorious, it could be foggy and cold, there could be sideways rain. Please read this Camper’s Handbook fully to ensure that we can all have our best festival!


Lower and Upper Anacla are within 1 kilometre of the festival site. This is the home of the Huu-ay-aht First Peoples and they have been gracious enough to allow this gathering on their traditional and modern treaty lands. The MOST important aspect of this event is the RESPECT.


You need to come prepared. This is your responsibility. This is the WEST COAST. Weather can change rapidly. Could be sunny and glorious, could be foggy and cold, could be sideways rain. 

If you are from the community and have concerns please contact us directly at or by phone 250 650 5447 and ask for Ben.

If you would like to get on Ben's direct text list to avoid missing out on tickets in the future fill this form out:​

Lots of Love and see ya soon!


To hold an annual music festival at Pachena Bay that is a force of good for all that attend and live by. Pachena Bay music festival encourages a balanced approach to celebration. This event hopes over the years to inspire, educate, and deepen our understanding of the local culture,  physical environment, and the vast array of wonders present at Pachena Bay and surrounding areas.


Land Acknowledgement

We recognize the Huu-ay-aht First Nations sovereignty and authority over their ḥahuułi [ha-houlthee] (territory), we honour their cultural heritage and tradition, and we give thanks to their Chiefs, their Council, and each of their members, for allowing us to spend time learning, being, and playing on their sacred land at Pachena Bay. 


The festival expects you to support the Huu-ay-ahts request for ʔiisaak [iisaak] (respect), ʔuuʔałuk [uu-a-thluk] (taking care of), and Hišuk ma c̕awak [hishuk ma tsa’wak] (everything is connected) during our visit. These values focus us on the importance of taking care of the environment, and recognizing the interconnectedness of all things, and are essential to promoting sustainability and preserving the natural world for future generations.


As visitors to their territory, we have the opportunity to receive guidance from the Huu-ay-aht First Nations and it is our responsibility to leave the land and waters in a better state than when we arrived. Please take care to do so.

Camper's Pledge 

Respect, trust, and consent are core values of Pachena Bay Music Festival. Cultural appropriation, disrespectful behaviours, and acting by ignorance will not be tolerated. We require everyone including  guests, staff, volunteers, partners, and contributors understand and acknowledge that you are agreeing that you have read, understand and will follow the Camper’s Pledge by attending the event. 

Read Code of Conduct

Event Details & Common Questions

Gates open at 11 am Friday, July 19th

The Festival ends, and everyone is packed up and gone by Monday 11 am July 22th

There are tickets available to camp with the team while we are setting up July 16, 17 and/or 18th.


Amplified music goes till 1 am Friday and Saturday night

Silent disco 1 am till sunrise Friday and Saturday night

Live Music Sunday until 11:30 pm.

General and Family/Quiet camping are tent camping only and are included in the weekend pass.

Silent disco headsets are rented separately.

If you are in general camping or family camp you should be able to drive pretty close to that point and then park after dropping off gear. 


The Merch Store & Food

We will have a Merch Store onsite that will have an array of small items and food offerings as well as merch and SILENT DISCO headset central! The store accepts cash only.

Food concessions will be available at specific times and while food supplies last. Best to ensure you have your own food. Don't rely on the concession for all your meals. Bring your own dish. CASH ONLY.

Getting Here

Check out our page dedicated to details on getting here.


We have glamping options for you at PBMF! You get here and we can make you comfortable for your stay. Glamping tent, bedding, and care kit are provided. Contact us at for more information about glamping. 

What to Bring

Please operate as self-sufficient as possible.  Come prepared! 


  • Camping Gear - tent(s), sleeping gear, chairs, shade structures, tarps, etc.

  • Refillable water bottle (not glass) & water containers for camp - There will be water stations available.

  • Food - We will have a general store and vendors serving but we know we can’t fill all of your tummies for the entire weekend. 

  • Clothes for hot, cold, & rain/sun/wind protection - Temperatures & weather can vary wildly on the coast. Consider things like appropriate shoes, sunglasses, hats, jackets, rain gear!

  • Biodegradable shampoo, soap, insect repellent, sunscreen, etc - We will be in a sensitive environment. There are coin operated showers available.

  • Headlamp, flashlight, lighting - There will be power charging stations but they will be limited. 

  • Safety gear - It is always good to come equipped with your own first aid kit, fire extinguisher, & medications / supplies you may need.

  • Generators are not allowed at the site.


Consider putting together a personal Emergency Kit that includes: 

Non-perishable emergency food, emergency water (4L per person, per day), phone charger, batteries, first aid kit, medications, personal toiletries, cash, garbage bags, emergency blankets, whistle, batteries, seasonal clothing, a radio, flashlight, and battery bank.


Our Community, Our Services & Our Event 



You will experience world class talent as well as participatory opportunities at our event. We deeply believe that creativity allows us a sense of belonging and connection. We curate a wide variety of experiences for you to enjoy and actively support the building of connection between artists and audiences. 


Please take time to honour and value the tireless efforts of those sharing with us and respect artist intellectual property rights. The artists joining us for the weekend have spent time learning and practicing for you to enjoy their works, please don’t steal from them. Many are happy to share, so ask before taking! 



Consider your point of perspective in relation to others and the environment. We all have different lived experiences and understandings and we hope that in gathering that we can co-create an arena in which we can all successfully thrive. Please take time to be informed about our expectations as well as the restricted items at our events.



Respect for those allowing us to be guests to the community of Anacla is essential and we are grateful to be allowed to host events by the traditional and modern keepers of the land and the water. We encourage you to engage, ask questions, and most importantly listen. Cultural appropriation, disrespectful behaviours, and acting by ignorance will not be tolerated. 


Personal Behaviour

Hate speech & hate behaviour are not acceptable at the event (or anywhere!). We embrace humans in all of their forms, abilities, cultures, identities including gender, language, origins, etc, and their affiliations. Communications, actions, gestures, symbols, or images representing hate (demeaning, insulting, belittling, humiliating, perpetuating and/or reinforcing pejorative ideas) will not be tolerated. 


Please, if you see something, say something. Be brave and trust that inner feeling that says something is wrong here.  Find security, first aid, harm reduction or any of our festival team members to aid in solutions and ultimately let the producers know. 



Humans are diverse in our makeup and when we gather together it is of utmost importance to create a feeling of belonging, in fact that is part of why we do what we do. Physical access to inherently safe spaces is critical for us to do our work and are all heavily considered in our site and operations plans. The Arts are a centerpoint for equity, diversity, and inclusion and we are proud to intentionally host diverse lineups of both international and local performers and artists that are Indigenous, female, 2SLGBTQQIP+ and cultural minorities in our regions. 


Action & Education 

We believe that by entering a communal space, we have a responsibility to uphold the values of that space. This year we are committed to creating a supportive, non-threatening environment that encourages open-mind-edness, respect, a willingness to learn from others, as well as physical and mental safety starting at the team level. We are creating better policy and procedures, participating in training, investing in communications systems, making room to share our voices and to listen, creating meaningful campaigns for the public, engaging the greater community in meaningful ways, and ensuring that effective and thorough onboarding of team members is invested in. 


MOOP (Matter Out of Place) 

Please leave any MOOP items at home as we are always guests in a sensitive environment. These include glitter, synthetic feathers & costume items, glass, and non-biodegradable soaps & lotions. No single use items are allowed - please bring recyclable containers and dishwares. Vendors will be equipped to support this. The legendary Trash Bandits will be onsite to help you fulfill your obligation to leave no trace and bring out what you brought in. 


Travel & Parking 

Please consider carpooling (and offering rides) as much as possible to lower our carbon footprint as well as help us navigate parking. The majority of parking will be done away from the main camping site with travel provided there and back. There will be limited parking available within the campsite. Once you are in your site there will be limited options for in and out as the festival happens - know your options. Parking is limited. 



There are bathrooms & showers onsite - please do not use water fill up stations as a personal clean up area and use the water wisely and with intention.



Wolves, bears, cougars, small animals, and birds are part of the natural landscape of Pachena Bay. Please keep your food and garbage contained and/or in receptacles provided. If you experience wildlife please be respectful and stay safe. Visit the Parks Canada website for more info Top tips to respect wildlife and stay safe - Travel tips and ideas


The Beach

The beach is operated by Parks Canada and below the high tide line at Pachena Bay is a protected marine ecosystem. It's a park and its public domain, with that ALL provincial park rules apply and must be respected and followed. Do not walk up the Pachena river as shortly up river is Anacla and it’s private land.



Communal Fire pits will be provided and controlled by the event.  Propane Fire pits, Bbq’s, Camp stoves are allowed as per BC Wildfire Act  A Guide to Campfires and Outdoor Stoves.


No glass is allowed onsite including mirrors, beverage containers, decorative items in order to protect visitors to the site during and after the event.  Please transfer your items to reusable containers.


Lost & Found

There will be a lost & found onsite, however we are not responsible for caring for your items.

Restricted Items

To ensure the common good some common sense must be used!



This is a drug, alcohol, and cigarette free event. Cigarettes and Liquor are only allowed in private campsites as per the campground rules. 



A person may not consume liquor in a public place, public beach. Keep alcoholic beverages within your campsite. RCMP patrols this campground regularly.



Hopefully we don’t need to remind you of this but there is zero tolerance for weapons of any kind.


Only dogs with tickets are allowed on site. Support animals are allowed as per provincial regulations and proof must be provided to the festival (see Accessibility section below).


Restricted activities/items will result in order -> correction, warning, ejection, ban, refer to arrest/authorities.


This includes;

  • Smoking in general areas

  • Alcohol in general areas

  • Minors in possession of alcohol

  • Impaired guests

  • Illicit drug use or possession

  • Disrespect to the community or site (including self) 

  • Intimidation, Harassment, Bullying, or Assaultive (verbal, physical, sexual) behaviours

  • Damage to the community or site (including self)

  • Theft or vandalism to the community or site property/ies (including self)

  • Creating any type of fire risk

  • Cultural appropriation, disrespectful behaviours, and acting in willful ignorance

  • Possession of weapons. 

  • Entering private/restricted areas without permission/authority

  • Burning of intense scents on the dance floor (eg. sage, chaga, incense). 



Our event is open to all and we strive to provide the opportunity for you to join us. We would like to note that this is not a particularly accessible venue in that it takes place on the wild west coast with rugged terrain, roots, rocks, sand, mud, etc are all something to be expected. That being said, there are clear pathways between family/quiet camping and the main stage area.  Please contact us at to help us ensure that you have your best event. 



  • Entrances - all entrances will have camper’s helpers to advise you on best options.

  • Seating - Seating at our events is self actioned. Please bring what you need. If you require specific support please contact us. 

  • Washrooms - Accessible washrooms will be onsite and clearly marked on both the exterior and in our site maps. 

  • Merch Store - The store has accessible areas. 

  • Quiet Camping - Quiet camping has a variety of supports including opportunities to plug in equipment, accessible washrooms, and areas for parking. 

  • Low Stim Zone - We have a low stim zone available for those looking for a calm moment. 



Support workers are eligible for a free ticket. Please contact us at


Support Animals

Support animals are allowed as per provincial regulations. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate companion, therapy or emotional support animals other than those that have been registered through our ticketing system and vetted by our team. If given permission, please remember to take good care and clean up after your guest. If having your companion is a deal breaker, get in touch directly with


Harm Reduction & Health Promotion

The producers are committed to harm reduction (minimizing harm as it relates to substance use and sexual activity) and it plays a central role in the overall planning of our events. All persons will be provided access to information, education and a place to seek refuge within our capacity including illicit substances, harassment, sexual misconduct, or abuse. We strive to support you in feeling empowered, safe, and confident in your decision making around your wellbeing.


Areas of support are: 


Safe Consumption 

Drug Safety information will be available at the event in the Harm Reduction Zone. If you are considering “illicit substances” please consider using the“Vancouver Island Drug Checking Project out of UVIC” before or during the festival (they will be onsite) Vancouver Island Drug Checking Project


Consent & Respect 

We campaign and support growing the culture of consent. Starting with humility and respect, practice your listening skills, get clarity, ask questions, embrace shifts in knowledge and power dynamics, and practice getting a little out of your comfort zone! Ultimately remembering consent is: Freely given, reversible, informed, enthusiastic, specific, ongoing, and hot!



We all seek balance in our aloneness and togetherness and sometimes we find ourselves outside the pack. We ask you to use your situational awareness and your instincts to support safety while we gather in this remote location. Watch out for your fellow campers, help someone in need, or find a camp leader to assist! 



Water, water everywhere. Get it in your body! We have a few water filling stations available throughout the festival and we advise you to bring non glass containers to fill up. 


First Aid 

Trained First Aid will be onsite throughout the festival and within the Harm Reduction Zone. Do us a favour and wear proper clothing and footwear and plan on many fabulous layers to your outfits and extra to change into.  It’s no fun to have to leave for an emergency in Port Alberni.


Chill Zone 

Located in the Harm Reduction Zone and is monitored by our Harm Reduction team. 


Low Stim Zone 

This is an unmonitored, quiet zone located away from the hussle of the main stage. 


Sobriety Support 

We are committed to providing opportunities to engage in sober activities and conversations throughout the festival. 


Getting Home Safe 

Please plan for a well organized trip home. Consider having a well rested, sober driver and copilot designated for your drive out. 



If an incident happens at the festival we have support for you on-site. Please go to our Harm Reduction & First Aid team located near the main stage, and they will guide and support you. You can also report unwanted sexualized behaviour via the REES website and those reports will also be reviewed during the event. We value and respect you and your right to privacy and we will give you as much control as possible over the processes and actions that are taken on your behalf. You information will be kept confidential & secure. We also have a list of other help & support resources.

Safe & Sound Protocols

Ensuring that our guests are safe and sound is of the utmost importance to us. We have a series of protocols put in place to handle any situation that may arise. We hire the best security teams available and they will be onsite throughout the event. We work with the RCMP, Fire Departments, and appropriate Government agencies ensuring our systems meet all recommendations, policy, and procedures required. Full details of our Safe and Secure Protocols can be found in our Collaborator’s Handbook.  All existing campground rules apply


Lost or Found Children

We love the family vibes we are creating at the festival and would love to ensure your children are safe. Please register at the front gate and get your kiddos their extra special wristbands so that if you end up separated, we can help get you back together!


SITE MAP & Music Schedule and hours of operation for General store released the month of the festival.

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