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2023 Applications

Pachena Bay Music festival is a small curated music and arts festival located on the modern and traditional territories of the Huu-ay-aht people. A true west coast experience. We offer an array of curated experiences, including art installations, workshops, movement workshops, performance art, music, artisan vendors, spa vending, and amazing food vendors.

You are invited to participate.

Here's a look at the applications available


Artist Applications 2023

Artist Applications 2023

Pachena Bay Music Festival is looking to add a limited number of artists to the rest of the lineup. We pride ourselves in curating a diverse lineup that highlights lots of local Vancouver Island talent. We are looking for artists that know how to build a great dance floor and bring the heat. 

Only artists that are selected will be responded to.

Thank you for applying




Art Installations

We are looking to include art installations this year. Our focus will be on deisgns that interact with the viewer, installations that focus on light and design and provoke conversation. All art must be designed with the rugged west coast in mind. We look forward to reviewing your application. 
Please note the deadlines listed in the application.




Food Vendor 

Food is an important part of the Pachena Bay Festival experience. We are looking for vendors who offer tasty and nourishing options and are williing to help accomplish the goal of having our attendees well-fed. Space is limited and our production team is prioritizing vendors that have a unique menu and are self-sustaining.



Artisan Vendors 

Pachena Bay Music Festival is committed to creating a unique and exciting immersive vibe for our attendees. This extends to our artisan vendors. We want vendors to create an environment where people are drawn to and want to stay and have fun.




Pachena Bay Music Festival is looking for workshops featuring, lectures and panel discussions that are informative and based on credible and evidence-based research. Cultural, musical, and scientific, and are well-crafted.

Please note movement workshops are a separate application.





Movement Workshops 

Pachena Bay Music Festival is looking for passionate teachers to teach yoga, movement, and dance at our festival in 2023. We are looking for accessible and inclusive workshops that offer unique and innovative perspectives and techniques



2023 Applications


Media Applications

Pachena Bay Music Festival is seeking media applicants that are dedicated to their craft. We are looking for people who have a pre-event and post-event plan for their coverage and a detailed plan of what they plan to do during the event. We look forward to hearing from you!

Media Applications



Spa Practitioner

Pachena Bay Music Festival is committed to creating an exciting and immersive experience for our attendees. We are looking for talented practitioners to offer

-hair styling


-body painting

-face painting

and perhaps something we haven't thought of? You tell us!



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