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Tarran The Tailor

His legendary Live performances have been delighting, confounding and seducing audiences across the world for more years than he would care to admit. He’s played such exotic locales as the side stage at Raves, in Manitoba, and on a mountaintop in Bulgaria. His live show is a subtle barrage of dreamy vocals, found sound, and strange trips through the music of the world, wrapped in whipped cream and spice. His music was turned into a soundtrack for a sold out theatre show, L.I.A.R in Europe and Australia which he toured with many years. His music has been in the short film Bury him in the Desert, the cooking show the Perennial plate, a crazy Swedish fishing documentary, and a number of racy love scenes.  

Of course. 

“ Psychedelic Folk like a piece of ice down your shirt “- somebody

“ Slow tango after a muddy barn dance " - somebody else

“ Crawling biting whispers”  - somebody else’s friend

Tarran The Tailor
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