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Lil Cis

A relative newcomer to Djing, Lil Cis has quickly proven her versatile taste and skills mixing between untz untz and wub wub realms of house and dubstep. Although her presence behind the decks is relatively new, her presence in the music scene is not. Lil Cis co founded Good Night Out Vancouver and has an immense passion for improving safety and promoting consent culture in the nightlife scene. 

She’s been dedicated to creating safer nights out for all but it's now her turn to get a little silly and start the party. Inspired by those 2am dance floor moments she hopes her sound brings people together.

She is also a co-founder at @audiosocialvancouver, which aims to cultivate culture and create a platform for an inclusive community to connect through sound. Her love of music and event planning is the driving force behind why she picked up djing. 

Her debut festival set was at Shambhala 2022 where she played a Latin, afro and progressive house set at the Cedar Lounge. Her second festival booking was at Envision 2023 in Costa Rica. 

Although this may just be the beginning for Lil Cis her SoundCloud mixes are quite diverse and she has been featured on radio and mix series including Light Twerkers, Sub Chakra, Cimmerian Records and Feral Mix Series. 

Lil Cis
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