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Hannah Epperson

With early ties to the American Southwest and Canada's Pacific coast, Hannah Epperson first heard music and stories as a traveler between high mountain desert and ocean shores. Her music draws from a life of listening and play inspired by musicians and artists across a wide range of genres: from generous childhood mentorships with cowgirl Meghan Merker, a clutch of old time dance musicians, and Peter Shumman's Bread and Puppet Theater; to practicing arpeggios and discovering the eclectic discographies of European artists like Bjork, the Cranberries, Arvo Part and many others who captured the imagination of a young North American.

Hannah discovered her joy in collaborating with others early. Recently, that includes working in dialogue with the intense physicality of contemporary dancers in Brooklyn, New York and Banff, Alberta. She has worked in studio and on stage with artists such as Fleet Foxes, Ry X and Julianna Barwick and Canadian spoken word artist Shane Koyczan.

Hannah Epperson has been called a neo-classical composer and musician, indie folk/rocker and avant-garde pop artist. She's performed at jazz and electronica, folk, art, new music and rock festivals.

With violin, loop pedal, voice and innovative rhythmic improvisations with proximate objects, she weaves uncanny connection with her audiences, taking listeners on exhilarating journeys. As a companion in musical experience, she is powerful yet playful and gentle, often exploring the essential cultural and political matters of our age without ever leaving the miracle of the commonplace or us behind.   

Hannah Epperson
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