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Blase Blase

Blasé Blasé, “the band so nice they named it twice”is an eclectic group from Victoria, BC Canada featuring Daniela Jackson (vocals), Tejas Collison (bass), Gavin Rose (drums), Guillaume Richards (guitar, arrangement), Jesus Estevez (vocals, keys, production), Isaac Kwiatkowski (Saxophone), and, the unofficial 6th member, Shane Blaq (vocals). Blending elements of live jazz, funk and conscious hip-hop, they have a sound as unique and diverse

as its members.Their sound ranges from high-energy funk / disco songs that get the dance floor moving to slower, soulful jazzy tunes, reminiscent of The Roots, Erykah Badu, or even the late Mac Miller.When restrictions were dropped Blasé Blasé hit the ground running with

a string of sold out, high-energy shows and has been steadily making a name for themselves on Vancouver Island and the mainland.2023 promises to be a big year for the group,with a string of critically acclaimed releases and festival bookings, this talented crew of misfits is making waves and reaching a wider audience with their unique brand of genre blending music that seems to have almost universal appeal.

Blase Blase
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