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We recognize the Huu-ay-aht First Nations sovereignty and authority over their ḥahuułi [ha-houlthee] (territory), we honour their cultural heritage and tradition, and we give thanks to their Chiefs, their Council, and each of their members, with particularly deep gratitude to the the beach keepers of Pachena Bay, for allowing us to spend time learning, being, and playing on their sacred land at Pachena Bay.

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Pachena Bay Music Festival
July 19-21, 2024

A true west coast festival! Tall trees and an ocean breeze.

These lands and waters are the traditional and modern territories of the Huu-ay-aht people.
Follow along the rugged Bamfield mainline and discover one of Canada's most cherished beaches. Come explore one of the best places on earth with all your friends. 

Live music, educational and inspirational workshops, beach days, off-site adventures, and dance party pit stops! Pachena Bay is an unparalleled location to enjoy with friends, family, and world-class entertainment.

Want to check out the performers, have we got mixes for you! 

The Pachena Team would love to stay connected. Check out co-producers below and if you really want to stay in the loop, join the Facebook group, AND sign up for the newsletter AND the text lists. Newsletters and texts are sent sparingly.

Mt.Eliah believes in engaging at the community level and offering opportunities for people to gather and celebrate. Mt.Eliah operates out of Port Alberni and has a deep connection and commitment to the Central & North Vancouver Island area.

Cumberland Village Works presents world class music and events to the Comox Valley through numerous local venues, including Vancouver Island’s number one live venue, The Waverley Hotel, in Cumberland BC.

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