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Riddim Fernandez

Hey thanks for dropping by. I was born in Barbados in the mid 70s and was raised in Toronto, and moved back and forth between the reggae, hiphop, and jungle scenes. I moved to the west coast in the late 90s and spend most of my time rock climbing, snowboarding, downhill biking or making reggae influenced bass music. I also teach highschool math and physics, enjoy rock climbing, snowboarding and dh biking. I started making beats and performing using a combination of an old roland 303 and live hand drumming and soon progressed into vinyl DJing and electronic music production - starting with Propellerhead’s Rebirth and Reason until settling on Ableton Live. Currently using an Access Virus TI, Elektron Rytm + Digitakt + Digitone. I have been fortunate enough to put out original tunes on Earthday Recordings, East Van Digital, LW Recordings, Woodworking Records, Blackfox Records, Really Good Records, Squinty Bass Records, and Sheppard Records. You can find my tunes at junodownload, beatport, itunes, spotify, and apple music.

I have also performed at a number of festivals in Canada:

Diversity Festival (9 years), Basscoast (3 years), Shambhala (4 years), Squamish Live, SERF music fest (3 years), Fairies n' Fools, Entheos Festival, OM Festival, and the Believe Festival.

Regular club nights have included:

milk + honey: Lotus hotel (Vancouver Thursday nights), tokyo sound lounge (Montreal Friday nights), GLC (Whistler), Tommy Africa’s (Whistler).

Basic facts on Riddim:

- into all things funky and melodic.

- mostly stuck in mid 90s hiphop.

- lovin the deep dubstep.

- always influenced by reggae.

- junglist at heart.

Riddim Fernandez
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