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Healing Nature Mandala Through Story

July 15, 2023 at 10:30:00 p.m.

Workshop Tent

Nadine & Danielle

Healing Nature Mandala Through Story

Be a part of creating a meaningful community mandala guided from the heart. This workshop invites you into the deeper liminal spaces. Step into the Imaginal. Through traditional storytelling connect with healing imagery of your heart. Discover your unique symbolic language of connecting with nature. Participants will be facilitated to move between gathering nature that resonance with the images of the heart and come together to create a communal mandala. This workshop is part Expressive Arts Therapy, part Storytelling, part relationship healing with nature. Nadine and Danielle live and work in the Mid-Island area and are Registered Expressive Arts Therapists. Danielle works through an Expressive Nature Based Therapy approach and is a practicing multi-disciplinary artist. Nadine works as a Clinician for a First Nations Community and has studied traditional European Storytelling for a decade with world renown storytellers.

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