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Elemental Embodiment Flow

July 15, 2023 at 5:00:00 p.m.

Workshop Tent


Elemental Embodiment Flow

Dori is inviting you to feel the Elemental Embodiment Flow in a yoga practice that leans into the experience of yogic transitions which allows students to become more aware of their body and physical movements. Foundational to this is raising conscious awareness that creates space for students to freely express themselves in the present container of the class. She guides students by weaving in practices like the breath of life, free flowing dance, and meditation that tap into the nervous system. To create a sense of oneness, feel the frequency move through you and feel the psychomagic power of muladhara grounding down your root chakra. To promote self-change in ritual, this encompasses exploring the power of imagination in self-transformation. Exploring our relationship with our essence, body, wild nature, and what it means to be both human and embodied.

Dori’s presence will call you to come back into body, into self, into alignment-to visualise how it is to feel the elemental flow of embodiment through free movement within the expression of breath, yoga and ecstatic dance. Here you are invited to open those doors to your wilder self and embrace being present in your mind with all is breathing and growing with you.

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