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Voice play with Willow & Tsimka🌿

Willow is a vocalist and tinkerer of sound. Willow enjoys experimenting and jamming regularly as part of her practice. Tsimka is a home-based Nuučaanuł singer and collaborative music maker who also loves experimenting.

Story: Tsimka met Willow in Nanaimo, Snuneymuxw country, in 2023. “We would have vocal musical sessions together, thereby lifting each other’s spirits and getting to a giddy, good-time place of expression.

You are invited to join us in a playful vocal adventure. We are excited to magnify what we do together, and to add enough structure for a group to work together, while also keeping space for emergent play. Join us for a playful inquiry into voice, listening, harmony, and improvisation. No vocal experience necessary. Warning: This may prime you for singing all night.

Voice play with Willow & Tsimka🌿
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