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Sivz is an artist born out of relentless hard work and true passion for the party. Using catchy lyric writing, intricate percussion, simple basslines, and dominant vocals as her ultimate tools for expression, her releases on labels like Monstercat, Force of Habit, Westwood X, NV’D and DeepNHeat have received massive responses from her her dedicated fan base, repetitively landing her records in Beatport’s Top 100 house charts while gaining support from industry players like Nicky Romero, Smalltown DJs, Destructo, Spinnin’ Records and Future House.

When she’s not in the studio, Sivz is known for being an avid global music festival chaser trotting the globe to catch her favourite artists in action, connect with new crowds, and sharpen her skill at crafting the perfect set. A connoisseur of all things house, her music collection spans from loungey daytime house to the darkest warehouse techno. You can trust in her chameleon-like ability to deliver the right vibe for any occasion and leave you in drastically different places from where you started. Her calculated selections and memorable sets have led her to sharing Canada’s most iconic stages with the likes of the biggest players in house music including Green Velvet, Chris Lake, Mark Knight, Kaskade, and Claptone to name just a few.

Touring the festival circuit with stellar performances at top festivals like Shambhala, Bass Coast, Snowbombing Canada, Fvded in the Park, and Contact, she has quickly become a fan favourite, often taking the cake for the most memorable and talked-about set of the weekend without fail.

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