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Neo Davis aka Neo¹ or Totally, is a rare breed of DJ that has been rinsing the speed garage sound behind the decks since the Summer of 1999. He has earned the reputation of being a staple in the Vancouver Island underground rave scene. You always know when he is up there dishing out the beats because everyone at the party is on the dancefloor!

The night that Neo fell in love with speed garage and everything that it embodies, with its pounding shuffly beats and warping, dirty basslines, was a night back in 1998 when he witnessed Dave Armstrong and Norrie Taylor (Prime & Seven) play a tag set, totally destroying the dancefloor with basslines, building up such an immense energy, creating such a blissful state of dance, love and joy. Neo knew at that moment that he wanted to be a part of the scene on the other side of the turntables, exchanging vibes and energy with everyone on the dancefloors, interacting and hyping up the crowd into a frenzy. Intrigued by this original 'new' sound, Neo and a couple of friends decided to get a pair of old turntables and a 2 ch. mixer with no eq. and started playing around with a few different genres including speed garage, house, breaks, hip-hop, hardhouse and trance.

Since his premier release "Destination EP" debuted on Atomic Zoo Recordings - Calgary in 2010 Neo has worked with several other labels including Backzide Records - San Francisco, Bass Hound Records - Seattle, Breakz R Boss Records - Calgary, Bassbong Records - Vancouver, Filthy Logik Records - Las Vegas and Karizma Radio, Nanaimo, BC. Currently he is working on several projects for Karizma and DavisHouse Records, Victoria, BC.

With over 23 years of bassline knowledge behind him, come out and witness Neo animating dancefloors at a festival near you with his positive loving vibration, energy and stage presence! He'll be sure to make you move your body all night long to his bass heavy sets tuned to the funky sounds of jackin' house, 2-step, breaks, trap and garage and the dirty whompy, deep rollin' and warpin' bassline driven beats of bass house, speed garage, bassline and 4x4 !

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