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Leland River

A North-Westcoast fixture - Leland River is a DJ/Producer whose genesis as an artist and human being is deeply tied to the mycelial webs of the BC festival scene.

Trusted by many of his peers and listeners for his diverse array of productions, mixes, and adept sense for playing the right music at the right time; Leland River has been given the controls at Bass Coast, Envision, CampQ, and Shambhala for 11 years in a row.

From a love of hypnotizing rhythms and the low-end of dubstep, garage, grime, breaks, dancehall, jungle and techno; mixed with a disposition for emotive ambience and a love for R&B - Leland River’s music and DJ sets fit better inside a vast large venn diagram than a box. 

Leland River
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