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DJing out of Vancouver Island, DBL-G is bringing his musical tastes from the 90s and 00s that everyone knows and loves. Add some remixes in funk, latin and reggae riddims, DBL-G keeps the crowd engaged while dancing the night away.

Starting out in the core of downtown Vancouver, DBL-G has played at Belmont Bar, Doolin’s Pub, Portside Pub and many others. Since moving back to Vancouver Island, DBL-G’s style of djing with a hint of turntablism and word play has garnered the attention of DJ All Good leading to a new venture with Black Hemlock Music.

With his love of music and focus of good djing, DBL-G is looking to share his passion for the classics to everyone and anyone that want something different from what today’s top 40 is bringing. Using nostalgic songs from pop culture in movies and timeless classics, DBL-G has become a favorite amongst the Vancouver Island’s west coast region.

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