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Originally from Québec, @blackooout started mixing house and hip hop in 2010. Blackout has rocked crowds of 5000, and his underground flavor gets bodies moving whenever he plays. He also participated and DJ Battle such as Red Bull 3style.

Blackout’s career started in 2010 on Vinyl mixing Hip-hop. Now you can truly feel his past through his music when it comes to the Gansgter House he plays, or the Scratch routine he adds to his 87’s to 110’s BPM Bass music.

His first West Coast home was Kelowna, BC where he created a local Bass Scene.

Blackout also founded an underground Community called DUBVERSIFIED CULTURE. A Brand designed to support local West coast Bass artists and create bridges with other Dub/House Scene around the world. Dubversified Culture’s most popular concept is the bi-monthly series of events @ Copper Owl called, BASS HIVE.

Lastly, Blackout had the chance to open for amazing artist such as Strange Thing, Metafloor, JF Killah, DJ Dubconscious, Sleeper, Weston, Sub Chakra crew, Barisone, Mystic State, Konka & Shiny Things.

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