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Andfriends, dubbed Nanaimo's disco ambassador, was born out of a love for dance music's early roots and for nearly 5 years now, has been broadcasting the cheesiest nu disco & stalest house music out of a dingy basement in the Mid Island region over the airwaves of CHLY 101.7 FM. This gives Andfriends the opportunity to explore dance music’s history and tailor his DJ sets with underplayed, underappreciated and sometimes obscure track selections.

Always looking for those solid gems that have stood the test of time, whether it be a contemporary take on a disco classic, nostalgic piano stabs of 90s era House or tweaky acid basslines, the philosophy of track selection trumping mixing, and that good music deserves to be played over and over and over again - shall always prevail.

During DJ sets, Andfriends is never one to take anything too seriously, including himself. Adding a flamboyant flair to any party, whether behind the decks or in front of them, Andfriends creates an atmosphere of big smiles, great times, and positive vibes. So buckle up, and let's get into it!

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